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Q: How do I get my iPod nano to keep playing through all of my songs, albums etc. It plays through one album and then stops. I have tried having it shuffle songs, albums etc. and nothing is working.

– Nicole


A: The iPod plays back your content on the basis of where you actually select that content from. So if you are selecting a track to play from under the “Albums” listing, then the iPod will play the remaining tracks in that album, and then stop. The same also applies if you select music from an Artist’s “All Albums” section: The iPod would play all of the remaining tracks from that artist, and then stop playback.

Basically, when selecting an item for playback, only the items that are shown in the current list that you are viewing are queued up for playback. Further, if you do not have shuffle mode enabled, only the items which are listed sequentially below the selected item will be played back.

To play back all of the content on your iPod, you can either choose your selection from the iPod’s “Songs” menu, which lists all of the content on the iPod in alphabetical order (and therefore will play back everything shown), or you can use the “Shuffle Songs” option which appears on the iPod’s main menu by default. Shuffle Songs will immediately begin playing back all of the audio content on your iPod except for those tracks which have been specifically excluded from shuffling, such as Audiobooks and Podcasts.


Selecting “Shuffle Songs” is effectively the same as choosing a song from the “Songs” menu with shuffle mode enabled, although obviously with the “Shuffle Songs” feature begins with a random selection as well.

Finally, if you simply want to play a larger sampling of content from multiple artists or albums, but do not necessarily want to play everything on your iPod, you can create a Playlist in iTunes containing those items that you wish to play. In this case, simply select your tracks from your playlist, and as with any other content selection, the iPod will play everything in your playlist, and then stop. The iPod’s “On-the-Go” playlist (which can be found at the bottom of the playlists menu) can also be used to build a dynamic playlist on your iPod, rather than creating one in iTunes.

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