Playing multiple albums

Playing multiple albums 1

Q: On my iPod touch, how can I automatically play the next album when the one I’m listening to has finished?

– Matt

A: How the content on your iPod is played depends largely on where you are selecting that content from. When you select a track from an individual album listing, the iPod will only play to the end of that album and then stop. To play multiple albums by the same artist, simply choose the artist from the “Artists” section, select “All Songs” and then start playing from there. Similarly, you can play multiple albums within a specific genre by selecting the Genre and then choosing “All Albums” followed by “All Songs.”

For more precise control, you can place your albums in a playlist, either by building the playlist in iTunes itself and then transferring it to your iPod touch, or by using the On-The-Go playlist to build a playlist on your device – you can easily add entire albums to the On-The-Go playlist by browsing into each album and choosing the “Add All Songs” option.

Playing multiple albums 2


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