Playing only one song in iTunes

Playing only one song in iTunes 1

Q: How do I play one song in a playlist and have iTunes stop playing after it’s done? It seems the default behavior is to continue through the entire playlist or Library. The only way I’ve found to do what I want is to make a new playlist containing just that song, but that’s cumbersome. Have a better solution?

– Anonymous

A: Indeed we do. We’re going to take advantage of iTunes’ “Party Shuffle” feature, and the “Play Next in Party Shuffle” command that’s in every song’s contextual menu.

First, we need a completely empty playlist. Simply create a new playlist, name it “Empty,” and add nothing to it.

Then, open iTunes’ Party Shuffle feature, and select this new “Empty” playlist as its source:

Playing only one song in iTunes 2

This will ensure that after a song is played using Party Shuffle, nothing follows it.

With Party Shuffle configured this way, you can then play any song – whether from the Library or a playlist – only once without anything following it by simply right-clicking on it, and selecting “Play Next in Party Shuffle.”


  1. In regards to question #4, if you overload your iPod (at least on the Mac, and possibly only if you have disk use enabled), in your Console, you’ll see error messages involving disk Journaling after mounting/syncing. I’ve never researched just how critical the error might be, though, since clearing a little space is a simple solution.

  2. I recently got a 30g white iPod video and I was wanting to know how to put videos onto my iTunes? I have Microsoft XP. Thanks!

  3. Hi

    I was looking for some advice. I was wondering can I play my ipod through my speakers on my pc, because if i keep using the itunes my memory will get used up pretty quick. So on that basis can i buy/upload music on to my ipod , then delete from my itunes libary. At least that way I will not use up my memory.

    Hope it makes sense

    Many Thanks


  4. I own a computer with Microsoft Windows XL Media version. In February,I sold my 40GB iPod and purchased a 60GB iPod. All was fine until I went to the Apple store to purchase videos. Each attempt I was told to download iTunes 6.0. I have attempted to downlod it many times and as yet, have been unable to do it. The process starts, then I get Installshield error 1607. I have worked with Installshield, iTunes, and Microsoft support. All I have succeeded in doing is wiping out all my programs. When instructed in reinstallation, I have all the programs, but they are empty, just as when they were first installed. For some reason, I was able to initially load my music library from my computer to my new iPod. Now I am afraid to connect my iPod for fear of losing all the music I painstakingly loaded over the past three years.
    Is there anyone who knows what I can do in this seemingly catch 22?

  5. I recently accidently deleted the Voice Memos from my iTunes folder whilst doing a clean up. They still appear to be on my iPOd but they wont copy to my Mac. However, I’m pretty sure I backed everything up to my external hard drive but I cant find a folder called Voice memos or authing similar. Do you know what file name iTunes creates to store VoiceMemos? Thanks G

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