Playing only one song in iTunes

Q: How do I play one song in a playlist and have iTunes stop playing after it’s done? It seems the default behavior is to continue through the entire playlist or Library. The only way I’ve found to do what I want is to make a new playlist containing just that song, but that’s cumbersome. Have a better solution?

– Anonymous

A: Indeed we do. We’re going to take advantage of iTunes’ “Party Shuffle” feature, and the “Play Next in Party Shuffle” command that’s in every song’s contextual menu.

First, we need a completely empty playlist. Simply create a new playlist, name it “Empty,” and add nothing to it.

Then, open iTunes’ Party Shuffle feature, and select this new “Empty” playlist as its source:

Playing only one song in iTunes

This will ensure that after a song is played using Party Shuffle, nothing follows it.

With Party Shuffle configured this way, you can then play any song – whether from the Library or a playlist – only once without anything following it by simply right-clicking on it, and selecting “Play Next in Party Shuffle.”


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