Post to Facebook option in Notification Center


Q: A friend of mine was messing around with my iPhone and now I can’t find the “Post to Facebook” option in the notification screen any more. I’ve checked my Notification settings and Facebook is still enabled for everything (badges, banners, etc), but I still don’t see the option to post to Facebook in my notification pull-down. How do I get it back?

Post to Facebook option in Notification Center

– Becky

A: There are actually two possibilities here, depending on what your friend did.  Facebook (and Twitter) posting options in the Notification Center are actually part of something called the Share Widget, and actually have nothing to do with the Facebook or Twitter apps; in fact you could use these options even if these actual apps aren’t installed on your iPhone at all.

You can find the setting for the Share Widget under Settings, Notifications in the same place with the rest of your notification options, however if it has been turned off, you’ll need to scroll down to the “Not in Notification Center” section at the bottom to find it.

Simply tap on it and turn it back on to re-enable it. After doing this, it will appear at the bottom of your other Notification Centre widgets, so you may also want to manually reorder it to your preferred position—you can do this by tapping the Edit button in the top-right corner and then simply dragging it up and down the list using the control at the right-hand side.


Post to Facebook option in Notification Center

If the Share Widget is enabled and you’re still not seeing the option for posting to Facebook, then it is possible that your Facebook account is no longer configured in your iOS Facebook settings. As with the Share Widget, this is handled separately from the Facebook app, so it is entirely possible to be logged out of Facebook as far as iOS is concerned while still being able to use the Facebook app. Simply go into Facebook in your iOS Settings app and check to ensure that your account is still configured here, and set it up again if necessary.


Post to Facebook option in Notification Center

Similarly, if you’re also a Twitter user and want to use the Share Widget for posting to Twitter, you will need to ensure that your Twitter account is configured under Settings, Twitter.


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