Preventing auto-deletion of podcasts

Q: Is it possible to define different rules for different podcasts? I’d like to keep only the previous 5 or only those unplayed – but a couple I want to keep all the podcasts. Can I do this somehow?

– Anonymous

A: Although you cannot define different rules for different podcasts, you can exempt some podcasts from the default auto-delete settings.

To do this, simply highlight the podcast subscription within iTunes, and then right-click on the podcast title and choose “Do Not Auto Delete” from the contextual menu:

This will exempt all episodes of that particular podcast, both current and future, from the default auto-deletion settings. Note that you can also do this for a single podcast episode, if you prefer—simply highlight the specific episode instead of the podcast heading, and choose “Do Not Auto Delete” for that particular episode.

There is no visual indication of whether this option is set or not, but if you right-click on the podcast or episode title again, you will note that the “Do Not Auto Delete” option changes to “Allow Auto Delete” which both indicates the current setting and gives you the option to change it back.


Preventing auto-deletion of podcasts

Note that if both “Do Not Auto Delete” and “Allow Auto Delete” appear when selecting a podcast heading and right-clicking, this means that some episodes within the podcast are set to not allow auto deletion while others are.


Preventing auto-deletion of podcasts

Selecting one of the two options will set all of the episodes within that podcast to the chosen setting.


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