Preventing deleted tracks from coming back from an iOS device

Q: I downloaded the free songs of the week on my iPad with the iTunes app, and then when I synced to my Mac, the purchases were transferred. I didn’t like the songs and deleted them, but every time I sync, the iPad puts them back onto my computer. How do I stop this from happening?

– Miguel

A: Normally iTunes should notify you if there are purchased items on your iOS device that do not exist in your iTunes library and offer you the ability to transfer them.

However, if you selected “Do Not Ask Me Again” when you encountered this dialog box in the past, it no longer appears; instead iTunes simply defaults to transferring your purchased items back all the time. You can reset all of the warning dialogs in iTunes by going into your iTunes Preferences, selecting the Advanced tab and clicking the “Reset Warnings” button. This will have the side effect of bringing back other warning dialog boxes as well, but you can simply check “Do Not Ask Me Again” on these as you encounter them in the future.


Preventing deleted tracks from coming back from an iOS device

Alternatively, you can simply delete these items directly from your iPad as well by using the standard swipe-to-delete gesture in the iPad Music app. As long as you’ve deleted them from both iTunes and your iPad before the next time you sync, there will be nothing left to retransfer on either side.



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