Preventing unchecked songs on iPod


Q: I have more music in iTunes than I want on my iPod – usually just some songs on an album that I’m not crazy about. Previously, all I needed to do was to “uncheck” the song and it would not load onto my iPod. I now have a fifth-generation 60GB and that no longer works. All unchecked songs – and now videos – still load onto the iPod. Any suggestions? I do not want to have to manually eliminate songs from the iPod as I would have to do that every time I updated. Why do you think this function is not working anymore?

– Linda

A: The functionality is still in iTunes, but it has to be enabled. With your iPod connected, go to iTunes’ Preferences window, and find the iPod panel. Here, under the general tab, is the option to “Only update checked songs.” Enable this option, and your iPod will behave as before.

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