Preventing unchecked videos from syncing

Q: I have my 60GB 5G iPod set to automatically update video. I have a lot of full length movies on it and I’m starting to run out of room. I decided to delete a few of the movies to make more room. To delete the movies I simply unchecked the box next to their titles and then updated my iPod. For some reason this isn’t deleting the movies. I want to keep the movies in iTunes, but not upload them to my iPod. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks.

– Anonymous

A: If you take a close look at iTunes’ iPod Preferences, the Music panel and Video panel have at least one difference in feature set, which you’ve noticed in practice already: in Videos, there’s no option to “Only update checked videos.”

Here’s how we’d solve the problem. Instead of using “Automatically update all videos,” we’ll use “Automatically update selected playlists only.” For this, we’ll need to create a smart playlist that returns only checked videos:

Preventing unchecked videos from syncing

Simply select this playlist in iTunes’ Video panel in iPod preferences, and you’ll have essentially duplicated the “Only update checked songs” preference for videos!

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