Printing a list of songs on iPod


Q: Is there any way to print out a list of all the songs on my iPod?

– Chris

A: You can’t print out a list of the songs on your iPod, but you can save a list (and print it if you want) of the contents of your iTunes library. In iTunes, click on Library in the Source list, then select File > Export Song List. Save this file. (You can also export a list of a given playlist, album, genre, and so on; just select a different item in the source list.) This file is not a simple list, though; it is a tab-separated list that is best read in a spreadsheet program like Excel. If you open the text file in Excel, you’ll get a nifty table, with headers for the different fields (Song name, Time, Artist, etc.).

Note that you cannot directly export a song list of the contents of an iPod in the iTunes Source list.

Kirk McElhearn is the author of several books including iPod & iTunes Garage. His blog, Kirkville features articles about the iPod, iTunes, Mac OS X and much more.