Printing jewel case inserts from iTunes playlists

Q: On the iTunes download page, Apple claims that you can create a CD from your specific playlist (which I have been able to do without problems), but I can not figure out how to make a CD cover and song list as they also claim you can with iTunes. I also can not find any information on their support page on how to do this. Can you explain it to me?

– Carl

A: Sure, and you’re right – this is one of the neatest, most under-discussed features in iTunes. First select the playlist in iTunes’ “Source” column just as you would before you go to burn the CD. Then, choose “Print” from iTunes’ “File” menu.

Printing jewel case inserts from iTunes playlists

Here, you can select to print a jewel case insert, a simple list of songs, or a list of albums. In each case, there are several “Themes” you can choose from, which allow you to select how much color you’d like to use, and how you’d like to utilize the tracks’ album art.

For much more information on printing, see our guide “Printing CD Covers and Lists in iTunes” here.

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