Printing track lists from iTunes

Printing track lists from iTunes 1

Q: I burn a lot of MP3 CDs, and one of the problems is that I also want a list of all the songs that I’ve burned on each CD.  For a 700 MB CD, that means I have to manually type out close to 200 songs on a separate piece of paper. A lot of work. Is there a way in iTunes to print/copy the list of songs from the playlist…sort of like a “print screen” function you find on a desktop?

– Dan

A: Absolutely, and as you might expect, it’s found in the same place as with most other applications:  File, Print

This will allow you to print a list of tracks in the currently-selected playlist, artist, or album (essentially whatever is currently selected in your iTunes view). Three standard formats are supported:  CD jewel case insert, Song listing, and Album listing:

Printing track lists from iTunes 2

The CD jewel case settings provides a number of themes for different output and artwork styles, ranging from a simple text-based theme to mosaics that include album artwork.


Printing track lists from iTunes 3

The Song listing allows you to print a list of the tracks simply as a song list, or with user ratings, played dates, or a custom view (whatever your current column layout in iTunes is).


Printing track lists from iTunes 4

The Album listing prints either a list of songs grouped by album, with artwork, or simply a list of album titles that are represented in the current playlist.


Printing track lists from iTunes 5

While the Jewelcase inserts will likely not have enough room for the number of tracks on an MP3 CD, the Song Listing and Album listings options should provide a much more efficient alternative to writing out long listings by hand.



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