Problems joining CD tracks

Q: I have a Mac. For years I have been downloading books on CD to iTunes and have always been able to join the tracks before importing. I did the iTunes 10.2 upgrade and now the “join tracks” stays dimmed. Is there any help for this? Thank you.

– Cat

A: The most common reason for this problem is that the CD track listing has been sorted by another column. iTunes can only join contiguous tracks, so if the tracks are in any other order then you will not be able to use the Join Tracks option.

Note that this can occur even if the tracks happen to still be listed in contiguous order when sorting by another column; iTunes simply sees that you’ve overridden the natural order of the tracks and refuses to let you use the “Join Tracks” option.

The easiest way to fix this is to simply click on the left-most column heading, immediately over the track numbers.  This will return the CD listing back to its natural sort order and you should then be able to select the tracks and use the “Join CD Tracks” option as you did previously.

Problems joining CD tracks


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