Problems transferring purchased tracks

Q: I recently needed to restore my iPod by connecting to iTunes and doing a Restore. During the restore, all my stored music was erased from the iPod. When i went to transfer my playlists from my iTunes library back to the iPod, the songs I had purchased from the iTunes Store would not load.

All other playlists loaded normally. How do I load these iTunes purchased songs onto my iPod?

Problems transferring purchased tracks

– Dennis

A: The most common cause of purchased tracks not transferring from your iTunes library to your iPod is your computer either not being authorized to play these tracks, or the authorization keys having become invalidated or out-of-date somehow.

You can reauthorize these tracks either by selecting Authorize Computer from the iTunes Store menu in iTunes 7, or simply trying to play one of your purchased tracks in iTunes itself.

In either case, you should be prompted for your iTunes Store userid and password. Once you enter this information, the necessary authorization keys should be downloaded from the iTunes Store and your music should sync properly to your iPod.