Properly listening to iPod music in loud places


Q: I have an iPod nano and I can’t figure out how to unlock the volume. It will only go so loud and this does not work on the train for example. Thanks for you assistance.

– Arlene

A: There are two possibilities. First, your volume may be artificially limited with the iPod’s volume limit feature. If you can remember the four-digit code that initially created it, the limit can be removed in the iPod’s settings menu.

However, if that’s not the case, you’re simply looking for more volume power when in louder environments.

For listening to iPods in loud environments, we’d sooner recommend a pair of in-ear sound isolating headphones – like those available from Apple, Shure, or Ultimate Ears – before we’d recommend amplifying the volume further to dangerous levels. By blocking out external sounds, these earphones enable you to listen at lower, safer levels, and you’ll get markedly better sound quality as a bonus. For more information, see our article Listen Safely: Your Ears and your iPod.

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