Purchased songs fail to download from iTunes Store

Q: As I was buying songs to transfer to my iPod from iTunes, the iTunes program froze, so I did a ctrl+alt+del and saw that it wasn’t responding. I closed iTunes and when I opened it up the next day, I saw that only 1 of the 12 songs had made it to the library; 7 remained in the download section and 4 were missing entirely. Yet I was charged for all 12. Is there a way i can get those 4 missing songs back?

– Matt

A: The four missing tracks have probably not yet been fully downloaded from the iTunes Store and therefore may still be available in your download queue at the store itself. You can check this by going to the Store menu in iTunes and choosing the Check for Available Downloads… option. If there are any downloads remaining in your iTunes Store queue, they should begin downloading immediately.

If this does not work and these items still fail to appear, you will need to contact the iTunes Store Customer Service and explain your situation. They will generally simply re-add the entire purchase to your iTunes Store queue so that you can download them again.

Note also that the seven songs that are already in your Downloads folder can be imported directly into iTunes, but you may be missing the correct song information and album artwork, as this information is applied at the end of the download process. Therefore, it may be worthwhile to ask to re-download these tracks from the iTunes Store as well.

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