Q: I purchased a season of Law & Order and synced it to my iPod classic, however three episodes just stop playing after about 10-12 minutes. I tried to re-sync, but it didn’t make any difference. When I click on the show name in iTunes on my computer it says that it can’t find it and asks me if I would like to locate it. The file seems to still be in the Downloads folder in my Music folder. Most of the episodes work just fine. Please help.

– Alexis

A: Chances are that you’re dealing with a corrupt or incomplete download. If the episode is still listed in the Downloads folder, this generally means that for whatever reason iTunes did not finish downloading it from the iTunes Store. Although these episodes should not normally appear in your iTunes library, if you had tried to import them manually (by double-clicking on them from within the Downloads folder), they will be imported into iTunes, but of course will be incomplete since they were not fully downloaded.

You can try to see if these are still pending for download by selecting Check for Available Downloads… from the iTunes Store menu. If they are no longer pending download, however, you will need to contact the iTunes Store Customer Service and explain the problem and ask them to allow you to re-download those specific episodes.


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