Purchasing iTunes tracks from another country

Q: I live in the U.S., therefore making my the U.S. iTunes Store my default.

Is there a way for me to purchase songs from the iTunes stores of other countries?

– Devon

A: Unfortunately, Apple has gone to fairly great lengths to ensure this can’t happen. There are really only two ways to do it:

To do it properly, you’ll need a valid credit card with a billing address in the country you’d like to purchase from.

Additionally, some users have had success acquiring an iTunes Gift Certificate originally issued and purchased in that country (eBay?), and using it to register a new iTunes account with the privilege of not needing to enter an address or credit card. Note, however, that the latter option would violate Apple’s iTunes Terms of Service, so we’re not recommending it, and continue to hope that Apple will find a way to open its international stores to all its potential customers.