Purchasing older iPod models

Q: I have an 80 GB iPod that is almost full, and I’m interested in getting the 160 GB iPod classic. Is it still being supported? Does it still come with a warranty? Do the remaining models (you can still order it, apparently, from Apple’s web site) still have the problems associated with the first ones to come out last year? Also, does the 160 GB model’s Search feature include numbers? They seem to have inexplicably removed the numbers from the 120GB iPod.

– Jay

A: Any earlier iPod models, including the 160 GB iPod classic that are still being sold by Apple or other authorized retailers continue to be supported by Apple under the same terms and conditions as when they were originally sold, including the same one-year warranty.

Since the warranty is based on the end-user purchase date, ensure that your purchase your iPod from Apple themselves or an authorized Apple reseller and keep your receipt to prove your date or purchase. Purchasing iPods from non-authorized resellers or sources such as eBay may be more questionable for warranty purposes, even if the iPod is being sold as brand new, since the date of the seller’s purchase of the iPod may be used to calculate the warranty date.

Most of the problems that were encountered with the 2007 iPod classic models were due to earlier firmware versions, rather than problems inherent in the hardware itself.

Since the firmware has now been through several revisions, it has become considerably more stable. Simply ensure that you update your iPod to the latest firmware version (v1.1.2 as of this writing).

Unfortunately, the 2007 iPod models do not include numbers in the Search feature either.