Queueing TV episode conversion in HandBrake


Q: I’m trying to encode a TV series from its original DVD into iPod-compatible video files using HandBrake. Is it possible to not have to manually reconfigure and restart the process for each individual episode?

– Anonymous

A: Sure. HandBrake’s relatively new “Queue” feature enables this. To use it, set up the first episode, and then click the “Enable Queue” checkbox at the bottom of the window, and click “Add to Queue.” Then, change the Title and Chapter to the next episode, change the output filename, and click “Add to Queue” again, and so on. When you’ve accumulated the entire DVD’s worth of files, click “Start.”

This is a great feature for encoding TV series, but at the time of this writing, it’s got at least one major bug: you’ll also need to manually reset the output video resolution in the Picture Settings menu each time you add an episode to the queue. This is the only relevant option we’ve found that isn’t properly “remembered” between additions to the queue, but it’s important enough that you’re likely to end up with a batch of files wherein only the first one will transfer to the iPod, if you’re not aware of it.

For our full tutorial on creating iPod-compatible videos using HandBrake, see our Complete Guide to Converting DVDs to iPod Format (Mac). A similar tutorial for the PC is available here.

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