Rating songs in a Mini-Player window

Q: I prefer to use iTunes’ mini player mode to control my playback, but I wish it had a few more features. Primarily, I’d like to be able to rate my tracks in one click using the mini player. I’m aware I can do this from the system tray (Windows) or dock (Mac), but I’d like to eliminate some clicks. Do you know of any way I could do such a thing?

– Dave

A: Our suggestion would be to try several of the many replacement iTunes controllers offered as add-ons to the Yahoo! Widget Engine (formerly Konfabulator). This Mac/PC program will, among many other things, allow you to use an alternate mini iTunes controller such as iTunesBar. One of iTunesBar’s many features is easy-to-access rating controls.

For Mac users who would prefer to stick with Dashboard, try the DashTunes widget.

While we’re discussing Konfabulator and Dashboard, we’ll remind you to try out the iLounge Dashboard and Konfabulator widgets to keep up to date with our latest site content!

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