Re-enabling Find My iPhone


Q: I accidentally deleted an iPhone from the Find My iPhone app and I can’t seem to get the iPhone back. Please help! I deleted the app and reinstalled with no luck. Thanks for your help

Re-enabling Find My iPhone

– Sherry

A: To clear up any confusion, the “Find My iPhone” feature is actually built into the iOS operating system while the “Find My iPhone” app is used to locate iPhones and other iOS devices that already have the “Find My iPhone” feature enabled.

The “Find My iPhone” feature is enabled under the iCloud section of the Settings app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. If you have removed an iPhone from your account in the “Find My iPhone” app it is possible that the feature was remotely disabled on that device as part of that process. If you go to Settings, iCloud and toggle the switch beside “Find My iPhone” back on this should re-enable the feature.

Keep in mind that simply installing the “Find My iPhone” app does not enable the feature on an iPhone, nor do you even need to have the app installed for the feature to work. In fact, the “Find My iPhone” app is only useful if you have another iOS device that you may want to locate from your iPhone, since all it does is tell you where a given device is. If you’re running it on your only iOS device, then the answer should be obvious. Remember that you can also use Find My iPhone from a Mac or PC by logging into your account on from any modern web browser.


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