Re-transferring apps from a new iTunes library

Q: I was using Windows XP on my laptop with my iPod touch and recently restored and installed Windows 7. I then installed iTunes without a hitch, and since I was already on manual syncing, I figured I was good to go. Then I realized that apps didn’t work that way, and sync automatically. It now seems that iTunes is going to delete my apps and reinstall them just to make it’s linked to this version of Windows. I really don’t want to lose my data in my my apps, is there a way to sync with this computer without loosing my data?

– Faisal

A: The good news is that you’re unlikely to lose any data in this situation, provided that you have already authorized your new Windows 7 installed for the iTunes Store account that was used to purchase these applications in the first place. You can ensure your computer is authorized for your iTunes Store account by choosing Store, Authorize Computer from the iTunes menu.

If you have the applications themselves already in your iTunes library, iTunes will simply “link up” the applications from your iTunes library with those already on your iPod touch. Nothing is reinstalled and therefore no data is lost in this situation.

Re-transferring apps from a new iTunes library

Further, even if you don’t already have all of the same applications in your iTunes library, iTunes will recognize that there are purchased applications on your device which are not present in your iTunes library and offer to transfer these back for you.


Re-transferring apps from a new iTunes library

In this case, simply select the “Transfer” option and iTunes will copy these applications back from your iPod touch to your computer. As with purchasing an application on the iPod touch itself, no data is lost, as nothing is reinstalled – the app is simply copied back to your iTunes library.

Be careful, however, since selecting the “Don’t Transfer” option in this scenario will remove the application and all of its data from your iPod touch.


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