Recharging the shuffle

Q: Is it possible to charge the iPod shuffle without using a computer or the Apple iPod shuffle (USB) Power Adaptor? I’d like to be able to charge my shuffle with a powered USB 2 hub; will this work? I don’t currently have a USB 2 hub to try this with so I’d rather not spend money on a hub to find out it won’t do what I want.

– Daniel

A:While some users report success using a powered USB hub on its own, we tried and were unable to get the iPod shuffle to charge with one generic hub we tested.

But with Belkin’s recently-released USB 2 hub (iLounge rating: B+) designed for the iPod shuffle, it charged fine. Your best bet is to either look for the Belkin hub, or try on a hub belonging to a friend.

If it works when it is not connected to a computer, or when the computer is off, get the same hub.

Kirk McElhearn is the author of several books including iPod & iTunes Garage.