Recover Contact/Calendar info from iPod touch

Q: My computer recently crashed. I have backups of all music, BUT don’t have backups of my calendar and contacts. How do I get calendar and contacts from my iPod touch back onto my PC when I don’t have “Enable Disk Access” set up on the iPod? I’m really desperate so any help would be appreciated.

Recover Contact/Calendar info from iPod touch

– Mike

A: Actually, this process is easier than you might think, assuming that you’re looking to simply get your contact and calendar information back into an iTunes-supported application such as Microsoft Outlook so that you can sync them with your iPod.

Unlike music and other media content, iTunes actually does support syncing your contact information from your iPod touch (or iPhone) back to your iTunes library. When syncing your iPod touch with a new iTunes library, the “Erase and Sync” option will affect only the media content on your iPod, such as your music and videos.

Other information such as applications, photos and your calendar and contact info remains untouched, and you’ll notice that the sync options for each of these categories remains disabled in iTunes, even after you’ve synced your music and video content back onto your device.

The first time you attempt to enable Contact and/or Calendar synchronization, iTunes will notify you that you have contact and calendar information that has been synced with another user account (in this case, your old computer), and ask you if you want to merge the info on your iPod touch with the information already in your computer, or replace the info on the iPod touch with the information on your computer.

Since your iPod touch is the only source of your contact and calendar information at this point, you should.