Recovering a corrupt iPod

Q: My iPod nano recently went funny and iTunes said that it was corrupt. The first thing that I don’t understand is that I don’t know what corrupt in an iPod means, and I dont know how to solve it. I went to another site and they said to send the broken iPod in to them, but I dont know if I can trust them or if I even need to do this. Any suggestions?

– Jasmine

A: Generally, an error message in iTunes telling you that your iPod corrupt does not by itself indicate a physical problem with the iPod. The good news is that this means that this is very likely a problem you can solve yourself without actually having to send the iPod in to any kind of a repair service.

Essentially, an iPod nano stores information in much the same way as a computer hard disk or USB memory stick. If the information (ie, the music files and library database) on the iPod becomes damaged or unreadable, iTunes will detect the iPod as being “corrupt” and advise you to restore the iPod back to its factory settings.

A restore will erase everything on your iPod in much the same way that formatting your computer’s hard disk would erase everything on your computer. However, since you’ll be starting with a clean, empty iPod, generally any “corrupted” information will no longer be a problem (since it’s been erased).

If you have been using automatic synchronization and all of your music is still in your main iTunes library, this process is normally quite simple, and no actual data is going to be lost (in this case, your iPod just holds a copy of your music tracks anyway). In this case, simply connect the iPod to your computer, select it in the iTunes source list on the left-hand side of your iTunes window, and then click the “Restore” button which will appear in the main “Summary” screen. Once the restore has been completed, iTunes will take you through the iPod Setup Assistant in much the same way that would for a brand new iPod, and you can reload all of your content in from iTunes.

If you have been managing your iPod content manually and it does not exist on your computer, then you may be at risk of losing your media content, since it would only be stored on the iPod. In this case, you might be able to recover your content before restoring your iPod, depending on how badly corrupted the iPod is. Our iPod 201 tutorial on Copying Content from your iPod to your Computer provides more information on this.

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