Q: I purchased songs from the iTunes Store and then my computer crashed and I lost the songs I had just purchased. Apple doesn’t let me get them back unless I pay again. How do I get them from Apple for free?

– Anonymous

A: You will need to contact Apple’s iTunes Store customer support department and ask them to allow you to re-download the content again. As a policy Apple does not provide this as a normal service since you are responsible for backing up your own content. However, in situations such as this the customer service department will often allow you to re-download specific content as courtesy. Apple makes no guarantees that it will do this, however, so don’t expect this to be a solution in place of making your own backups.

You can contact the iTunes Store customer support group at http://www.apple.com/support/itunes/ or by going to your Purchase History in iTunes, selecting the affected purchases and choosing the “Report a Problem” option.


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