Recreating a Lost “Purchased Music” playlist


Q: When I set iTunes’ preferences to have the iTunes Music Store operate using a “Shopping Cart,” my Purchased Music playlist went underneath a disclosure tab under “Music Store.” However, when I changed it back to operating using “1-Click Shopping,” my Purchased Music playlist disappeared… any ideas?

Recreating a Lost “Purchased Music” playlist

– Brennan

A: We can’t reproduce your problem exactly, however, it’s not hard to remedy.

As soon as you purchase a new song, the playlist will reappear. However, it will contain only your latest purchases… not contain your previously purchased songs.

To quickly find and collect previously purchased music, create a temporary smart playlist using these settings:


This will collect all Protected AAC files, all of which were purchased from the iTunes Music Store. Then, drag this “Protected AAC” smart playlist into the “Purchased” playlist to fill it back up again.

If you don’t plan on using the Music Store again soon (meaning your “Purchased” playlist won’t show back up again), you can simply download the Free Single of the Week to restore it without paying.

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