Recurring billing on iPad 3G

Q: I have recently purchased an iPad 3G. I want to setup the 3G account but don’t want to have my credit card charged automatically every month as I will be leaving the country for several months soon. When I try to set up my account I see that it says that my credit card will be charged automatically every month.

How can I avoid this?

Recurring billing on iPad 3G

– Gerry

A: Unfortunately with most carriers there is no way to avoid the recurring charges. However, these charges do not represent any kind of contract, so you can easily cancel the recurring charge at any time without penalty.

Before you’re ready to leave the country, simply go into the Cellular Data option in your iPad settings and choose the View Account option.

You will be prompted to log into your data account using the username and password you originally setup. Once in your account settings you can select the Add Data or Change Plan and then choose the Cancel Plan option to cancel your data plan at the end of the current billing period and stop the recurring charge to your credit card.


Recurring billing on iPad 3G

When you later return to the country you can setup your data plan again simply by going back into your account using the same options above and resubscribing.