Q: When I got my iPod nano I had a PC so it was formatted with Windows. I have now replaced PC with a MacBook and when I sync my new iTunes library it says that I can only update (with software) my iPod if it were formatted by a Macintosh. So my question is : can I reformat my iPod to Macintosh format??

– Debbie

A: Yes, the iPod can be reformatted to a Mac format by using the “Restore” option found in iTunes on the “Summary” page that appears while your iPod is connected. This will reformat your iPod for Mac OS X, installing the latest iPod firmware and returning it to factory default settings.

Note that this will also erase everything on your iPod so be certain your music is already in your iTunes library before doing this. If you normally use automatic synchronization of content from your iTunes library, the process of reloading your iPod after a restore should be relatively trivial. If you’re using manual management however (ie, dragging and dropping content to the iPod from your iTunes library manually), you’ll want to ensure that you do not have anything on your iPod that is not backed up in your iTunes library or elsewhere, since it will be lost after a restore operation.

Once the restore has completed, your iPod will be Mac-formatted, and can be updated to new iPod firmware versions in the future without having to erase the content again.



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