Reinstalling games on the iPhone

Q: I purchased the game “uno” for my iPhone and it has never worked right. I went to iTunes and they told me to contact the manufacturer. The manufacturer recommended that I take the game off and reinstall it but I do not know how to do that without paying for it again. I have downloaded other games with no problem. Can anyone help?

– Kathy

Reinstalling games on the iPhone

A: Any games you purchase on your device are automatically transferred back to your iTunes library, so you can easily remove and re-install the game as long as you have synchronized with iTunes since you purchased it.

You can actually confirm that the game is in your library simply by looking at the “Applications” tab in iTunes. It should be listed there along with any other games or applications that you have purchased.

You can remove the game from your iPhone either via your iPhone sync settings in iTunes or by deleting it directly on the device. To remove it via iTunes, simply connect your iPhone to your computer and select it from the iTunes Devices list. A Summary screen for your iPhone should appear in the main window, and there should be an “Applications” tab on the far right.

From here, you can choose to sync only selected applications. Any apps that are not checked will be removed from your device on the next sync. Note that any data stored in these applications will also be removed.

You can also choose to delete the application directly from your iPhone by holding your finger down on the application icon until a small X appears in the top-right corner. Tapping on this X will prompt you to delete the application from your device.