Removing album artwork

Q: How do I remove album artwork?


A: Removing album artwork is done in a similar way to adding artwork, although you cannot do so from the main screen—you must visit the file information dialog box to do this.

For an individual track, simply choose the track you wish to remove artwork from and choose File, Get Info to bring up the File Info dialog box. From here, select the “Artwork” tab, and you will see any images that are associated with that particular track:

Removing album artwork

Highlight the image(s) that you wish to remove, and simply click the “Delete” button, and then the “OK” button. Those artwork images will be removed from that track.

For multiple tracks, the procedure is similar, although you would select all of the tracks that you wish to manage, and then choose File, Get Info. This brings up the multiple items dialog box, allowing you to edit the properties of all select items at once:

Removing album artwork

In this case, there is no “Artwork” tab—rather you simply click the checkbox beside the “Artwork” section, as shown above, without inserting anything in that spot. When you click OK, the artwork will be removed from all selected tracks (effectively overwriting the artwork already there with no artwork).


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