Removing columns in iTunes

Q: How can I make the “artists” column go away in iTunes?


A: To add or remove columns in your iTunes library listing, simply right-click on the column headings to display a context menu that you can use to pick which columns you want displayed.

Removing columns in iTunes

Alternatively, you can choose View Options from the “View” menu in iTunes to display a dialog box allowing you to check and uncheck the columns that you want displayed.


Removing columns in iTunes

You can also change the order of the columns in iTunes simply by dragging and dropping the column headings to the left or right. Note that the two left-most columns cannot be moved or turned off.

It’s also worth noting that each section and playlist in iTunes has its own independent column layout. The name of the section or playlist that you are currently setting the view for is shown at the top of the View Options dialog box.


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