Removing multiple artwork images

Q: I accidently added two different artwork images to one track in my iTunes library and now I am trying to delete one of the images and keep the other. Can you please tell me how this is done as it is really bugging me. Thanks for your time and help!

– Jason

A: Although multiple artwork images are not really used anywhere in iTunes or on the iPod itself, they can be viewed from the “Artwork” tab in the properties for a given track. To see this, simply select the track in question, and choose File, Get Info, and then select the “Artwork” tab:

Removing multiple artwork images

From here, you will see all artwork images assigned to that particular track, and can simply remove the ones you do not want by selecting them and choosing the “Delete” button.

Unfortunately, there is no way to change this for multiple tracks at once, although selecting multiple tracks and re-adding the album artwork by pasting it into the “Artwork” box in the Get Info dialog will replace any existing artwork in those tracks:


Removing multiple artwork images

Pasting into the artwork pane in the main iTunes window, on the other hand, will add that artwork as an additional image for each track.

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