Removing photos and album artwork from iTunes

Q: How do I delete photos and/or album artwork from iTunes?

– J.D.

A: There are actually two different questions here, since photos and album artwork are handled very differently by iTunes.

iTunes synchronizes photos to your iPod based on either a file and folder structure or a photo management application such as iPhoto. Photos are not stored or managed within iTunes itself in any way. You can remove entire photo albums from your iPod simply by DE-selecting them under the iPod synchronization settings, on the “Photos” tab:

Removing photos and album artwork from iTunes

To remove individual photos from an iPod, however, you must remove them from the album or file folder in which the photo is stored. The next time you connect your iPod, the photo will be automatically removed, since it is no longer available in the synchronized folder.

See our article, The Complete Guide to Displaying Photos on iPod + iPhone for more information.

On the other hand, album artwork is managed within iTunes as part of the associated tracks. You can remove album artwork from an individual track by selecting the track, choosing File, Get Info and then the Artwork tab:


Removing photos and album artwork from iTunes

Select the artwork image you would like to remove from that track, and hit the “Delete” button.

To remove artwork from several tracks at once, simply highlight all of the tracks you would like to remove the artwork from, and choose File, Get Info and you will be presented with a dialog box to edit the properties for the selected tracks:


Removing photos and album artwork from iTunes

Check the “Artwork” button, as shown above, but do not paste anything into the “Artwork” box. iTunes will replace the artwork on all tracks with the content of the “Artwork” box, which is this case is nothing.

Note that if you would like to leave your artwork on your tracks in iTunes itself, but merely want to remove it from your iPod, you can de-select the option to “Display album artwork on your iPod” under the “Music” tab in your iPod “Sync” preferences:


Removing photos and album artwork from iTunes

Note that this option is not available for the iPhone or iPod touch, as these devices rely more heavily on album artwork than the traditional iPod models.


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