Removing photos from iPod

Q: I’ve set my iPod to synchronize my photos to my iPod, but I can’t figure out how to manage these photos… especially removing specific ones I don’t need to carry around with me. How do I manage and remove the photo’s I’m synchronizing?

– Ralph

A: iTunes has several different ways to synchronize photos. On the Mac, the user’s only choice is iPhoto. On the PC, one can either synchronize to a specific folder of photos, or synchronize with Adobe Photoshop Elements or Photoshop Album.

In any of these situations, photo syncing is a completely automatic process—there is no manual “management” functionality. To only synchronize a subset of your entire photo collection, you’ll need to create a new album that contains only that subset in iPhoto or Photoshop Elements/Album, or create a new folder with copies of the desired photos in Windows Explorer. Then, in iTunes’ iPod “Photos” preference panel, select this new album or folder source only.

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