Removing playlists from iPod

Q: There are four playlists automatically showing up on my iPod when it is connected. I have chosen to sync only “Checked” music and there are no playlists checked. I do not want the playlists on my iPod and I cannot remove them. I have restored my iPod and have current software on it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Removing playlists from iPod

– Pam

A: If you syncing content with your iPod automatically, choosing to sync only checked songs does not necessarily prevent playlists from being synchronized to your iPod. To control which playlists are synced to your device, you need to connect your iPod to your computer, select it from the Devices listing in iTunes and then choose the “Music” settings page. From this screen, you can choose to sync either your “Entire music library” or “Selected playlists, artist, albums, and genres.”

Removing playlists from iPod

To remove those playlists from your iPod, you must choose the “Selected playlists…” option and then ensure that those four playlists are UN-checked.

During the next automatic sync, iTunes will remove those playlists. Any tracks that are only in those playlists will also be removed.

If you are managing the content on your iPod manually, then changes to playlists in iTunes will not synchronize to your iPod at all. In this case, you must delete the playlists on the iPod from within iTunes.