Removing songs from Shuffle play

Q: I have a new 30GB iPod. It’s my first iPod, but not my first mp3 player. Is it possible to disable certain tracks when I’m using the shuffle option? I using my iPod in shuffle mode, but I also have spoken tracks, such as language courses, which I don’t want to hear randomly.

– Anonymous

A: Absolutely! Any item in iTunes can be completely excluded from any sort of shuffle play both in iTunes and on the iPod with a simple setting:

Select the item or items you’d like to exclude from shuffle, choose “Get Info” from iTunes’ “File” menu, and enable the “Skip when shuffling” check box in the “Options” tab.

For playback in iTunes, disabling the check box to the left of the track in the library or playlist listings will have the same effect, but this method doesn’t translate to disable shuffle play on the iPod as well. Use the “Skip when Shuffling” check box when you want the setting to apply to both iTunes and the iPod.

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