Removing Songs from the Clock alarms list

Q: iOS users now have the ability to set their alarms and wake up to a song on their iPhone or iPod touch. Selecting a song is very easy, but how do you remove a song from the list of songs on the alarm menu?

– Curtis

Removing Songs from the Clock alarms list

A: Unfortunately, the short answer is that you can’t manually remove tracks from the alarm sounds list.

However, this is actually just a listing of the five songs you’ve most recently used with your alarms, so it won’t continue growing indefinitely. When you choose a sixth alarm sound, the oldest entry is pushed off the list, such that it only ever shows the most recent five selections.

However, any alarms that you have saved will continue using whichever track you originally selected for them, regardless of whether it’s still appearing on this list or not—as long as the track remains in your actual iOS device library, of course.

This can get a little confusing if you go back and edit these alarms, however, as the selected track in the saved alarm will actually get pushed back onto the list, bumping off whatever the oldest track is that is currently on the listing.