Removing the iTunes Music Store from iTunes 5


Q: I have never cared much for the iTunes Music Store, and have always enjoyed the option in iTunes 4.x to remove it entirely from my Source column. It seems that Apple now wants to force the iTunes Music Store on us, because this feature is no longer available in iTunes 5. Do you know of a work-around to remove the Music Store reference?

– Anonymous

A: Actually, the ability to remove the Music Store from the “Source” column is still present, though it’s admittedly not as obvious for many users to find. To remove the Music Store from iTunes 5, simply use iTunes 5’s new Parental Controls on yourself by checking the box next to “Disable Music Store” in the “Parental Controls” page of iTunes’ main Preferences. You’ll note that in this Preferences page you also have the ability to remove references to “Podcasts” as well as disable shared music.

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