Removing unwanted iOS devices from iTunes

Q: I inadvertently added my husband’s iPhone to my iTunes account. When I am logged into my account, and I click on Library, 3 devices appear: my iPhone, my iPad and his iPhone. How do I remove it? I tried to go to the iCloud Manage My Accounts, but that option does not appear for me.

– Paige

Removing unwanted iOS devices from iTunes

A: This depends somewhat on exactly how you went about adding your husband’s iPhone to your iTunes library or account.

From your description, it sounds like this is simply a result of plugging his iPhone into your computer. In this case, all that’s really happened is that your husband’s iPhone has become associated with your iTunes library. Normally, it would disappear as soon as you disconnect it, but since iTunes now supports Wi-Fi sync, his device will continue to appear in your Devices list so that you can access it for sync purposes. To remove it, simply select it from the Devices list and UN-check the option to “Sync with this iPhone over Wi-Fi” and click the “Apply” button in the bottom right corner.

The iPhone should normally disappear from the Devices listing after you do this, but if it’s still showing up there, simply click on the small “Eject” button to the right of the device name.


Removing unwanted iOS devices from iTunes

The only way that your husband’s iPhone would actually be added to your iTunes Store account would be if you had logged in on his device using your Apple ID and password and then accessed an iTunes in the Cloud feature; this includes enabling automatic downloads of purchased content, re-downloading any previously purchased content from your iTunes Store account, or enabling iTunes Match. In this case, his device should appear under the Manage Devices section in your iTunes Store account information page. This can be accessed by going to the iTunes Store from within the iTunes app and selecting the Account option from the “Quick Links” section on the right side of the iTunes Store home page.