Renaming “untitled” tracks in iTunes

Q: How do I rename tracks that are named “Untitled” in iTunes? When I finish renaming them, will it change the title that is currently on my iPod? If not, how do I erase the ones in my iPod and recopy from iTunes to my iPod?

– TJ

A: To rename a track in iTunes, simply highlight the track in question and choose Get Info from the File menu. This will present a dialog box that will allow you to edit the properties of the track, including the track name, artist, album, and numerous other fields:

Renaming “untitled” tracks in iTunes

Note the the “Next” and “Previous” buttons that appear at the bottom of this dialog box can also be used to quickly navigate between several tracks in a series. You can also adjust the information for multiple tracks at once simply by selecting more than one track before choosing the Get Info option.

If you are using automatic synchronization with your iPod, any changes you make in your iTunes library will be automatically synchronized to your iPod the next time you connect it with no further effort required on your part.

One the other hand, if you are managing the content on your iPod manually (ie, adding tracks via drag-and-drop to the iPod), you will need to retransfer any tracks that you have changed in order for this information to appear on the iPod itself. Further, you will need to also manually remove the old “Untitled” tracks from the iPod—otherwise you will end up with duplicates.


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