Q: Didn’t Apple just announce that HD movies are available on iTunes?  I can’t seem to find where to actually go to rent HD movies from the iTunes Store. I see a lot of new movies available for rental, but I can’t find the section for HD movies. Are these simply not available yet, or am I doing something wrong?


A: Unfortunately, you will only be able to rent movies from the iTunes Store in HD quality directly from the menus on Apple TV itself, not from the iTunes Store using your computer.

As the Apple TV Take 2 update is not yet available, there is presently no way to access HD movie rentals from the iTunes Store.

Further, it should be noted that according to Apple’s Terms of Service, movies downloaded directly to the Apple TV, regardless of whether they are in standard or high definition, cannot be transferred from the Apple TV back to your computer. Basically, if you rent a movie on your Apple TV, you are required to watch it on the same Apple TV.


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