Repeat and continuous video playback on iPod touch


Q: I just purchased a new 64 GB iPod touch after having previously used a fifth-generation iPod video. On the 5G iPod, I was able to repeat a playlist and also play all of my music videos at one time but with the touch these don’t seem to be an option. I was just wondering if that is just how it was made or am I missing something. I have looked through the user guide and also on the Apple website but can’t find an answer. Just wondering if you could let me know what’s going on.

Repeat and continuous video playback on iPod touch

– Bob

A: Actually, both of these options are there, but they’re handled slightly differently from the traditional iPod.

The option to repeat a playlist or a single track can be found in the additional playback controls which appear if you tap the screen while playing the track back. The repeat button is shown near the top-left corner, below the elapsed time. Tapping this button will toggle between Repeat Off, Repeat current playlist, and Repeat current track.

Repeat and continuous video playback on iPod touch

Note that the Shuffle button also appears here which can be used to toggle Shuffle mode on or off. Unlike the click-wheel iPods, the iPod touch and iPhone lack the shuffle-by-album feature, however.

Playing back music videos continuously is slightly tricker, but the key is that you have to create a playlist for your music videos, and then access them from the “Music” app, rather than the “Videos” app on the iPod touch. If you begin playing your music videos from that playlist, they will follow the same rules as any other playlist, meaning playback will continue after the current video is done playing. Repeat and shuffle modes can be used here as well.


Repeat and continuous video playback on iPod touch

As an added bonus, you can even watch your music videos in a portrait orientation (as shown above), and you can mix normal music tracks and music video tracks in the same playlist and the iPod touch will simply play through them in order, switching between the artwork view for audio tracks and the video playback for video tracks as required.


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