Replacing iPod’s front panel

Q: I own a black 30GB video iPod which works great. Recently, however, I tried to clean the surface of my iPod and its screen, using a solution called GooGone – I now regret it. The solution reacted with the plastic, clouding the screen and the entire surface. I went to an Apple Store to see what it would cost to replace the face plate. They gave me a ridiculous replacement cost of $250! I paid $300 for the iPod, so you must understand my shock. My question to you: is there another lower cost option to replace the faceplate besides buying a new unit?

– Danny

A: Absolutely. Third-party, online iPod-servicing companies like iPodMechanic or iPodParts offer full 24-hour front panel replacements for $75 to $90.

If you’d prefer to save more money, and are comfortable doing the repair yourself, iPodParts will supply you with the part for a bit cheaper.

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