Reset Passcode after purchasing used iPod touch

Q: I recently bought a used iPod touch on eBay. The password is locked by the original owner and I cannot reach him.

How do I reset the password so I can download my own stuff?

Reset Passcode after purchasing used iPod touch

– Nick

A: To reset an unknown password on an iPod touch or other iOS device you will need to perform a full restore operation on the device from iTunes, returning it to its original factory settings.

Since this is a used iPod touch, you’ll probably want to return it back to its default settings anyway so that you can then proceed to configure it according to your own apps, accounts and preferences and load your own media content onto it.

To restore an iPod touch, you simply need to connect it to your computer, select it from the Devices list on the left side of the iTunes window, and then click the “Restore” button that appears on the Summary screen.

This will download the latest available iOS version for the iPod touch and return it to its initial, out-of-the-box settings, which of course will not include a passcode.