Resetting incorrect playcounts

Q: Over the past several months I have noticed an oddity in my iTunes library, and it seems to be spreading. Seemingly at random about 1/3 of my songs are developing an extremely negitive playcount value (i.e. -1101560161)! I’m not super concerned with getting the correct playcount back, but I would like to at least set them back to zero.

How would I go about doing that?

– Derek

A: While we’re not sure how this problem may have arisen, we can surely easily fix it. First, collect all the negative-playcount songs into one area, either by sorting your library via the “Playcount” column header or via a Smart Playlist specifying playcounts less than zero. Then, select all the affected songs (by holding down the shift key while clicking between the top and bottom affected songs), right-click, and choose “Reset Play Count”.

That’s it! Your playcounts on the affected songs should be returned to zero.

Jerrod H. is an iLounge Contributing Editor, with frequent contributions to our iPod 101 and 201 tutorials, plus occasional hardware and software product reviews.