Restoring a locked iPod touch


Q: My iPod touch says that it is disabled and needs to be connected to iTunes. My friend gave me this iPod a little while ago and I could never figure out the code. He went to a juvenile detention facility and never gave the code to me. I tried the procedure where you’re supposed to reset your iPod and press buttons until you see the connect to iTunes thing with a picture of a USB cable, but that still doesn’t allow me to do anything more with it. I don’t know much about this iPod but I would really like to be able to use it soon so any information is greatly appreciated.

Restoring a locked iPod touch

– Tyler

A: If your iPod touch is locked with a passcode the only way to get around this is to restore the iPod back to its factory defaults. This will erase everything on it, including the passcode, and set it up as a brand new iPod touch.

You can do a Restore simply by connecting the iPod to a computer running the latest version of iTunes, selecting the iPod from the Devices listing on the left-hand side, and then clicking the “Restore” button that appears on the main summary screen.

Following the restore process, the iPod touch will reboot and iTunes may then ask you if you want to restore a backup of the device, if one exists. Simply choose to set it up as a brand new iPod touch and you should be able to start using it and sync your own content onto it.




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