Restoring an iPod’s missing free space


Q: I updated my iPod and iTunes completely, but it still is not letting me load my 2GB iPod nano more than about half full. I do not have any extra features on my iPod – not even album artwork – yet it is displaying about a gigabyte of “Other” content filling my iPod. How can I make more room for my music?

Restoring an iPod’s missing free space

– Alexa

A: Without being able to see your iPod directly, we can’t begin to speculate what’s taking up space on your iPod, or how it got there in the first place. It could be data placed on the iPod as a hard drive, abandoned music stranded after corruption of the iPod’s database, or countless other things. However, the problem should be trivial to fix: simply “Restore” your iPod to factory condition using the tool built into the iTunes’ iPod pane:

This will erase all content from your iPod (music, videos, data and all), reload the iPod’s software, and reset it. This cures many iPod issues, and will almost certainly solve your missing space problem. If this doesn’t immediately cure your problem, take your iPod to an Apple Store, as the issue could only then be hardware related.

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