Restoring iPod menu items

Q: Why can I no longer access “Photos” on my iPod? The menu option isn’t there anymore, and no amount of re-syncing through iTunes will help!

– Dean

A: Chances are very high that the menu option has simply been disabled in the iPod’s preferences. To re-enable it, simply go to “Settings → Main Menu,” and re-enable “Photos.”

In this menu, you can also customize which of many other iPod features appear in the iPod’s top-level menu (though not order in which they appear).

An option at the bottom of this menu allows you to instantly restore the Main Menu to the factory default listing.

Though we are quite sure that this simple fix should restore your “Photos” menu, the next step would be to restore your iPod’s software to the latest firmware using the iPod Software Updater, which – although certainly a brute-force method – frequently fixes many software-related iPod problems.