Restoring iTunes’ “Recently Played” smart playlist

Q: I accidentally deleted the built-in “Recently Added” feature of iTunes. I need that feature badly since I manually upload to my iPod, and it was handy to see what needs to be uploaded next. Now without it, I’m forced to recall which songs I have yet to upload. Can I still get that feature back?

– Bud

A: Absolutely. In fact, that feature is merely a simple smart playlist, which you can create yourself very easily. First, select “New Smart Playlist…” from iTunes’ “File” menu. Then, change the settings and conditions so they appear as below:

Click OK, rename the playlist as you want, and you’re done! Smart playlists have endless possibilities for helping with management of your library and more enjoyable learning. – it is definitely worth learning how best to use them. To do so, read our tutorial How to Create Smart Playlists in iTunes, or visit for cool ideas.

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